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Since 1988 it has been the mission of Spring Lotus Healing Arts to focus on each patient the appropriate healing techniques from the great wealth of Oriental medicine. We honor that 2000-year tradition through experienced listening to the patient's mind, body and spirit. Oriental medicine works through individualized care and treatment that allows each patient to become a partner in his/her own healing and wellness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine’s (TCM) greatest strength is its holistic approach to balancing the whole body. Whereas Western medicine uses narrowly defined specialties to treat one symptom at a time, TCM is focused on the relationships among all the body’s systems. A TCM practioner first identifies the underlying disharmony and then formulates a customized treatment to bring an individual’s unique constitution into balance. It treats the “root” cause to improve the “branch” ailments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizes herbs to treat ailments
A variety of herbs can be used to supplement your acupuncture treatment

Over the past 2000+ years, TCM has continuously refined a sophisticated theoretical framework to diagnose and treat the whole body. Unlike pharmaceuticals that isolate a single compound to treat a single symptom, TCM individualizes a formula of whole herbs to gently rebalance the body. As a result, herbal formulas offer virtually no negative side effects. Patients often report positive side effects such as better sleep or an energized feeling of well being.

TCM can be incorporated into your treatment plan based on your individual needs and can be discussed during your appointment.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a great way to heal the body without using western techniques.
A variety of herbs are used to promote healing in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

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